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A dating sim rhythm game where you seduce serial killers!



Demo available!

Indulge in a mysterious adventure filled with risk, challenge, and romance. Put your rhythm skills to the test as you try to win over the hearts of six serial killers - if you can survive them.


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  • 6 killers to seduce with their own storylines and backstories to reveal!
  • A satisfying and addictive rhythm game with multiple tracks per killer for different scenarios, including special tracks.
  • A deep and mysterious story with comedic, romantic, and dark undertones.
  • Multiple endings with vastly different outcomes, revealing more of the overarching plot with each path taken.
  • A polished experience crafted with care and intent.


After waking in an unfamiliar house, in a dream-like reality, you find yourself among a group of strangers, all as confused as you are. One of them assures you that this is not a dream, but lacks answers themselves. Discover the truth while coming to know the strangers you’re stuck with. Whether they like it or not, they need your help to figure out what’s going on, just as much as you need theirs.

Download the demo now!

The demo contains the first chapter of the game, in which you are introduced to the cast, as well as the overarching plot and gameplay.

There are currently 2 tracks and CGs available in the demo.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(218 total ratings)
AuthorSugar Slip
GenreRhythm, Interactive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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I think this game needs the option to name your saves. I don't know about the full game , but I don't think you can do that in the demo. I'm having a hard time finding all the dialogs with all my saves named "User save".




This game is really good, and just from the demo I can already tell the full game is going to be amazing! Keep up the good work!


I'm definitely looking forward to playing this when it drops in full. I really like it, though yes the names are very offputting (edwina is adorable, but as I played through her somewhat cutesy song, I just kept thinking of the real Gein's face, crimes, quotes... yeah, takes away from the seduction a bit) but I am glad to know you will be changing it :) very cool art and great music


this game is so silly and so fun so far!! i can't wait ;'0


Well there be a android version?


Unfortunately the game will not be available for mobile devices!

(1 edit)

My game keeps acting weird when I try to save. No save is made and after I close the save menu , the text appears instantly , no sound effects and after 1-2 text windows the game freezes but I can still use the menu to change my settings , but when I go to the main menu everything is just white and the music plays weirdly.

+Tested something out and appears only one of the "Profiles" you can make has this problem, the others have no problem with saving.

P.S I know I reported a bug a long time ago , Sugar Slip, and I'm sorry for not responding but I barely got to open my pc ever since then and I totally forgot to check for responses.

Hi Mr Crow,

Thanks for letting me know! That's quite a peculiar bug. I'm not sure what exactly is causing this issue, but if you'd like, you can send some more information in the discord! http://discord.gg/vRHUShs

I'll keep an eye out for this issue and hopefully have it fixed before release!


No problem. Unfortunately , all the information I provided above is all I currently know about this bug , but if I find anything new I'll gladly send a report about it on discord.


how the heck can I bunk with Ben?! GRRRRRRRRR


Not out yet. Just gotta wait until then


guys, this game have naked womans?

(2 edits) (+2)

Been keeping up with this game on and off over the years, and I saw on your twitter that its mainly technical stuff and patchwork at this point before its release. No pressure, but im excited to play whenever it comes out


I met this game today, and this is first game which I'm gonna buy when it will released. Idk why but I was so sad when I realized that game in demo. I'm so hyped for release, when it's gonna be? This year, or maybe 2024?

Hi JuiceLivin,

Thank you! Unfortunately the release date is currently unknown, as the estimate has been pushed back a few times, but you can follow the game's progress on twitter if you'd like! @SerialLoverDev

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, I enjoy playing this game!, but here is a suggestion or advice for you, you should increase the scroll speed limit, for some people 500 is a bit low, and with correct scroll speed It can be much more fun :D


Sorry to ask this but could you make a baby mode or something similar cause easy mode with the slowest note speed just kills you instantly because of lag?

Hi yuukiCat,
There will be an optional no-fail mode in the final release! The game will also be more optimized, which should help to reduce the lag you're experiencing. Also, I personally recommend using the default note speed, as using slower note speeds tend to make it a bit harder to get the timing right :)




No soy de comprar muchos juegos,pero cuando este salga,lo hare,me encanto lo que pude ver en la demo. 


i dont have words how hard that was... and for nothing... pls, im begging you put shorter songs in game that was... damn. even tho it was tough its still amazing, truly one of the kind games keep the good work \o/


are you still actively working on the game? just cause i see the last update was 2021 and the dev log is also just something from 2021. i love the game btw, thats why i am asking


Hi 0perator20,

Yes! The game is still in active development. It's taking quite a while, but its getting closer to release by the day.

If you'd like, you can follow progress on Twitter @SerialLoverDev

Thank you for your support!!

The game...The game doesnt work bro!

i try to play it but it do error of resolution,i was gonna rec and post on my youtube channel but well,btw it make 2 years that it is in my wishlist on steam to me see if it works,but it dont go out!

pls help me out!

Hi Profissional Of Rhythm Games,
What happens when you try to open the game? And what operating system are you using (Windows, Mac, or Linux)?

So,i am using windows and when i gonna open it says that a error happened in the resolution,idk why this happens but there is the screenshot.

Thank you, I'll look into it!
In the mean time, try click on the Screen resolution drop down and see if there's any options. If there's nothing there, you may need to update your graphics drivers. This is the first time I've seen this issue, so I'm not sure what the exact solution is just yet!


it worked!but let me say....the hitbox is so small,i cant do it so right so i just stopped.sorry but i cant rec because of this small hitbox.


cool concept but like others have said, i would recommend using different last names and also reducing it to 4 keys. i think the arrow keys or WASD might be easier to use cuz ASDFG is a lil confusing >.< other than that i luvvvv everything about it !!! so excited for the full version :3


This game has been on my steam wish list for over 2 years now I need it.


It's honestly taken a lot longer than expected, but it will be worth the wait!! If you'd like, you can follow progress updates on the twitter @SerialLoverDev 





I like this game demo but having 5 notes instead of the usual rhythm game 4 notes throws me off a lot, maybe add an option so there can be 4 OR 5 notes in the future.  I sucked so bad at the game I didnt get past the seduce on the characters when you go to sleep XD. The opening main menu was super cool I love the animation and the soundtrack as well! (I also hope the names change in the future soon, because I got uncomfortable with the game when "dahmer" was mentioned)


just saying but edwina's track is an absolute masterpiece I would love to play this on the piano.


will this game be on steam?



When do you think it'll be on steam?

Hard to say at the moment. The original estimated release date was at least a year ago, but it's getting there! It's a (mostly) solo project, so it's quite a long process, but progress is being made on it nearly every day.

If you're interested, you can follow updates on Twitter and/or Kickstarter!


Oh ok ty for the info


I love this so much, even tho I'm the worst at rhythm games. I have never been more craving for a full game TwT

Deleted 201 days ago


extremely unfunny


will this game be free?


Hi Your Reaper,

Unfortunately not. The full game is planned to be priced at around $10 USD :)


I love the game and concept.
The music is great, the levels are fun, the girls are cute, and the backgrounds are well-made.

But I cannot get over the fact you named them after real serial killers; a complete deal breaker. I can't play with that thought in mind. I know you mentioned changing them, so I'm looking forward to that update.  

I recognized it too after the Dahmer last name and thought that maybe it was a coincidence until I saw Bundy and I checked for everyone's last names and they were from real serial killers :/

(1 edit) (+8)

Idk if people already said this but it's kind of disrespectful you used actual serial killers last names instead, you should make up your own or use some other names for the girl's last name instead of using actual killers. it feels like your just using the actual serial killer as if their some fictional characters [ Which will be very disrespectful to the victim's families]

I also think it would be way easier if you give all the tutorials at the beginning of the game instead of like just in the middle of the story plot so the player already knows what they have to do when the rhythm game comes up. { You don't have to listen to me This is just what I think, You can completely ignore me if you want }

But Overall the game is really fun and the girls and ben are really good-looking and well-made, I like all their personalities and I can't wait to see when the full game is out so keep up with the good work! 

Idk about you but like I kinda simping for ben-


Hi Manji_is_a_Crybaby,

Thank you very much for the feedback!! I'm glad you enjoy the game, and I'll be sure to take note of your suggestions! Rest assured, the names are planned to be changed to establish them as entirely fictional going forward.

Also Ben is top tier


my god just play the game and stop to cry about some letters god damn


cry? It's about giving respect to the families of the victims


I really enjoyed this game! I can't wait for the full release :D!!!


I love the songs in the game and eveybody looks so cute! My only issues are with the note sync (and speed) and the characters actually being related to real-world killers :(

My personal suggestions are adding a wider variety of note speeds (there are people who like it really fast lolol) and a note callibration in future updates :D

And also you could give the characters more original names so people won't get too squicky at it :p

But overall 7/10! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing!


kinda weird how the girls have the same last names as actual serial killers... seems hella disrespectful


Hi fiizzgig,

Thank you for the feedback! The names will be changed in all future content releases going forward.


this game is already so amazing i can't wait for the full release


Is anyone else having issues with the game sinking up with their keyboard and headphones? Maybe the game should have a sinking tester and a sound delay option for people with wireless headphone. :}

Hey luna_404,

I've had a few people mention issues with audio sync, so there's planned to be an option for offsetting the music :)

Hopefully that should help!


I'm really excited for the full release, all the music in the game so far is something that I enjoy listening to.


oh how much i need a full ver of the menu music


رمز "تم التحقق منها بواسطة المنتدى"

I hope to add Arabic in the game!!!


I love this game! I understand it's a demo so here's what I thought would be helpful to some players. Maybe try adding options such as down scroll, middle scroll, and up scroll. Some players may prefer the notes in a certain direction but overall epic game and I can't wait for the full release!!


I've only really been exposed to FNF, so I wouldn't say I'm a rhythm gamer, but I can say I like DDLC and this game is DDLC mixed with a little FNF. && I loved it! You can get some good content out of this if you choose Andria ;). Here's my gameplay. Been reading around this game hasn't had any further development. Hopefully that changes! Here's my gameplay.


Was really fun overall can't wait for full version!
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