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A dating sim rhythm game where you seduce serial killers!



Demo available!

Indulge in a mysterious adventure filled with risk, challenge, and romance. Put your rhythm skills to the test as you try to win over the hearts of six serial killers - if you can survive them.


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  • 6 killers to seduce with their own storylines and backstories to reveal!
  • A satisfying and addictive rhythm game with multiple tracks per killer for different scenarios, including special tracks.
  • A deep and mysterious story with comedic, romantic, and dark undertones.
  • Multiple endings with vastly different outcomes, revealing more of the overarching plot with each path taken.
  • A polished experience crafted with care and intent.


After waking in an unfamiliar house, in a dream-like reality, you find yourself among a group of strangers, all as confused as you are. One of them assures you that this is not a dream, but lacks answers themselves. Discover the truth while coming to know the strangers you’re stuck with. Whether they like it or not, they need your help to figure out what’s going on, just as much as you need theirs.

Download the demo now!

The demo contains the first chapter of the game, in which you are introduced to the cast, as well as the overarching plot and gameplay.

There are currently 2 tracks and CGs available in the demo.


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I read one singular comment, and saw the words guitar hero, is this anything like it? If so I'm interested [somewhat, as the story doesn't sound like my cup of tea].

(Btw if this does have charts is it possible to convert them or something to Clone Hero?)

Hi Norway,

The game takes inspiration from Guitar Hero with its 5-key rhythm minigame! Unfortunately the charts aren't compatible with Clone Hero, though.


Loved this GAME!!! I mean, I've never been great at guitar hero and the like but wanted to play sooooo much more of this game.

great idea to make them based off of serial killers as well to add something to the character backgrounds and personalities within hours of text to explain.

Cannot wait for the full release, KEEP GOING!!!


And here is the second part of my video :) Got two endings and even tried to play on a keyboard while playing, that is very hard (in case you were wondering if it's possible :D )


I saw that you mentioned that the full game will cost money. Is there a set price or is it still being decided?


Hi KikaroKiah,

The price isn't set, but is planned to be around $10 USD!


This was really fun, can't wait to play the full game!


I there, very unique idea to combine the serial (killer), basically dating sim and guitar hero I LOVE IT! ♥


Is this sfw?

Hi Terry,

Yep! It can be suggestive at times, but nothing explicit.




wonderful game, love the 5 lanes instead of 4 or 6 its unique and fu


i love this so much i cant wait till the full game is out!


wow well here's part 2 I wasn't expecting 17 views on the first lol


Oh. Wow I looked up their names and saw the IRL serial killers they're attached to. That's.. Actually kinda sickening. I know you're changing it, but sheesh.

Also hopefully there's an option to change the gameplay to four notes instead of 5, 5 is REALLY clunky to play


Really enjoyed it loved every bit of this hope it gets fully made there's two parts btw

this is so amazing i can't wait for the full game


I think you should have the option to choose between 4 and 6 lanes, 5 is a really weird number to have. other than that the game seems great so far a little difficut, even on easy, but I also think that it's cause of the lanes


Incredible, game.


Incredible! Cant wait for the official release!


Edwina Track insane mode completed damn it was easier than andria ngl but that ending is so inconsistent

my god that is incredible


I find the story quite interesting but i put it on the easiest level and i literally can't get past the second rhythm challenge thingy! helppp meeeee


please finish the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it !


Hi BDhi37,

Don't worry, it's coming! There's still quite a bit left to do before release, but I'm excited for everyone to eventually play the full story!

Thank you :D!!


luv u


i loved the demo and the game concept i know people are saying that there names are refrences to serial killers and i thought that was a neat touch but i understand why people would be upset with the names and i dont blame them, overall im really excited for the full game. also edwina is my waifu

(1 edit) (+2)

Fascinating and challenging and overall good but i hate that part soo much 0:46 ~ 0:58 in the track (insane mode) it's so impossibly impossible


hurry up and finish the game its been forever i want to jam with the killers

(1 edit) (+4)(-7)


It seems that my biggest concern with the the game has already been addressed: romanticizing serial killers. The whole gimmick of this game is to seduce serial killers but the characters have names that reference real killers that ruined lives.  All you need now is to add the guys who shot up Columbine and Casey Anthony and you'll be all set. In all honesty, it is sort of disgusting.

The developer says that they will change the names which is all well and good, but then it leaves the characters being one-dimensional anime harem tropes. You get smart girl, lolita, horny, tsundure and straight guy. If that is what you were going for then this will continue to be a one-dimensional game with killers and rhythm games thrown in. 

As for the rhythm portion of the game, it felt clunky where instead of the usual 4-key pad we had to use 5. Pretty unusual for a rhythm game. The instructions for reaching the boosts were complicated and didn't seem to specify as to why the boosts were needed in the first place. The songs were too long for my taste and seemed like a added ploy to attract players to this game.

The art was good and that is what drove me to play the demo in the first place. However more could have been done in terms to character designs. It looked like the characters that had more detail and personality were the designer's favorites, while the less favored characters got the bare minimum or were rushed. 

Since this was a demo I didn't get a clear cut of the story. Obviously as a dating sim you want those spicy bits but some of them seemed too forced. The dialog wasn't that entertaining but I'm chalking that to the game being only the demo. 

Overall, this game can have some potential. But these characters obviously need a re-write so they can be just a little bit more interesting than 'horny goth girl who wants to kill you'. At the end of the day, it is an interesting concept: seduce serial killers. But at the same time it also adds to the growing culture as seeing these killers like celebrities or even having a romantic feeling towards them. It's on tumblr, you know what I mean.  


Hi alexnaomi,

Thank you for the thorough feedback; I appreciate your critical analysis! Those are all valid points that I will take into consideration as the project progresses. If you're still interested, I hope you will give the final release a chance to live up to that potential!




Not gonna lie...naming the characters after actual serial killers is kinda poor in taste. I was going to download this, but watched the trailer and realized you named all these people after real people who hurt many many people and were truly sick and demented. Probably not the best choice for something like this.
Fiction is nice, and it can't hurt people, but when you associate Fiction with reality, you begin to cross lines sometimes, this is one of them.

(1 edit) (+4)

Hi Romeo Sin,

The names have been decided to be changed to fictional names after some consideration. Unfortunately the new names won't be revealed until a later date, but going forward they will no longer be using real names!

Thank you for taking the time to leave constructive feedback! I hope that you'll give the game another chance in the future, but I certainly understand your concerns.


Wow, I had the same concern and I'm so happy that the creaton is considering feedback! Wow! I'm so happy to be able to fall in love with serial killers that have done nothing in real life xd


I love the concept and gameplay! I suck at that type of minigame but was starting to get better at it (on easy bear in mind haha, I was proud of myself for it at least). Can't wait for the full game!! (and no joke, Ben got me feeling some kind of way haha)


Love the game and the art style. When is the full game coming out and will it be free to play?


Hi PYRO_001,

There's no release date yet, but hopefully by the end of this year, or early the next! The full game will cost money unfortunately, haha!

If you're curious, you can find more details in the devlog here:


Tracks were amazing, I love the art style, the UI is streamlined and pretty. I also really love the save system and how every choice has an auto-save that you can very quickly go back to. Very much looking forward to the full game. Only thing I would change would be to remove the two extra bars when playing on easy mode.


loved itttt!! very unique creative idea and very entertaining didnt feel bored for a sec and didnt  skipp any dialogue love the characters very interesting the story  is very mysterious and the art style is  soo cool the game is a vibe to be honest I highly recommend it!!! plsss we want more cant wait for the full ver!!


Violence, sex, and music. What more do you need in a game. Very fun game. Can't wait to play more of it. 

(1 edit) (+1)

also make it so it can be upscroll


big confuse it need 4 bar for rhythm me good at 4 bar



Can't wait to see the full version of this game, it's a really good idea and from what I've played it's awesome


bondage 10/10


I'm so excited for when its fully made~ I'm a huge Ben fan


This is legit amazingggggg!!!


A dating sim.

well well well you first had my curiosity.

With Rhythm And Serial Killers....

Now you have my attention~

I can't wait for the whole thing!


when i try to download it, it says its not possible to download it :

Hi SmOL_munchkin,

Can you send a screenshot of the message you're seeing?


Is there going to be an Android version?

Hi Cheriezen,

At the moment there are no plans for a mobile port!

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