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A dating sim rhythm game where you seduce serial killers!



Demo available!

Indulge in a mysterious adventure filled with risk, challenge, and romance. Put your rhythm skills to the test as you try to win over the hearts of six serial killers - if you can survive them.


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  • 6 killers to seduce with their own storylines and backstories to reveal!
  • A satisfying and addictive rhythm game with multiple tracks per killer for different scenarios, including special tracks.
  • A deep and mysterious story with comedic, romantic, and dark undertones.
  • Multiple endings with vastly different outcomes, revealing more of the overarching plot with each path taken.
  • A polished experience crafted with care and intent.


After waking in an unfamiliar house, in a dream-like reality, you find yourself among a group of strangers, all as confused as you are. One of them assures you that this is not a dream, but lacks answers themselves. Discover the truth while coming to know the strangers you’re stuck with. Whether they like it or not, they need your help to figure out what’s going on, just as much as you need theirs.

Download the demo now!

The demo contains the first chapter of the game, in which you are introduced to the cast, as well as the overarching plot and gameplay.

There are currently 2 tracks and CGs available to in the demo.


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SerialLover_Linux.zip 54 MB
SerialLover_Mac.zip 52 MB
SerialLover_PC.zip 50 MB


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The graphics are amazing! A truly amazing experience! The music and characters are great and lovable! I think this game could have a lot of great potential!


Amazing, I really enjoyed this game and I highly recommend it. The songs are so addicting to play! Can't wait for more updates.


Wow honestly I really love this game! I'm so excited to see more of it when it's fully released. smh ben said he wanted to stay with me but i couldn't even sleep w him s m h


can you please not make your game girl with big boobs, i dont want to play this game but my pp always brings me here


idk if Andria's track was created by you alone, but i'd like to know the name of it :)


All the music is original! The full song isn't available yet, but you can listen to the teaser on YouTube :)


Why cant i get with Teddy or Harmony(i know bc its in demo)


This game is wonderful, and I'm a huge fan of Melody. Cute artstyle, and while I usually dont like rythm games, I found myself having a lot of fun with this one! Plus, the music was amazing!


Very nice game, it's also my first rythm game, the Andria level is a real challenge I took almost  one hour to complete it, very nice songs also, GG


Although I am bad at rthym game, I found this game fun and it had an interesting roster of characters that give me the curiosity enough to push through the rthym sections. A very good game in my opinion.


"i got horny"


Serial Lover gives a new meaning to Dangerously in Love. A good demo, lovely artwork & music. :) 


Thanks for playing Cryptic Hybrid! Glad you enjoy it :D!


I like Jenny


The game is really nice to play and addictive... not in a bad way. I love it!


Definitely gonna buy this game! I really love it! Also Edwina is so cute <3 Keep working on it guys and I'm excited for when the full game releases!

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Will this be Free to Play on release?

Also, Imma need the sauce for the OST. The Cell needs it.

Unfortunately not, but there will be a lot more content on full release!

The OST will be available as well :)


I love this game!! The characters and dialogue are really funny. The gameplay is super cool!! :)

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I played through the demo and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel. This is honestly one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a long time. That said, I was so god-awful at it that it's just sad. The music, story, and dialogue were fantastic. It had a great balance of comedy and thriller, and I can not wait for me. I would simp for Ben any day. Thank you for this!


The montages were so good LMAO


Thank you so much for your kind words! I greatly appreciate it! I can't wait to go through many more, when more content is released! Keep up the great work!


yall remeber that episode of Phineas and ferb when they were trying to get the band backtogether and they guy sung about having no rythum.....that me i cant play this lol looks great tho


super fun demo!!! lol the endings are not what i expected them to be 😂 overall very great! i look forward to future updates


This was a very fun game demo! i enjoyed playing this game. Every time I died, it made me want to play more! 10/10 recommend!


why is this so hard on easy or am i just this bad


I tried to download the demo on Mac and I get the error message saying "The application "SerialLover" can't be opened." Probably my fault but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Hi ghostobi!

I believe I've seen this issue before. You should be able to fix it by following the steps in this thread:

If you have any trouble, or if the thread is unclear, let me know and I can help you fix it!


Ridiculously cute and creepy. The characters are all interesting on their own right, and the setting reminds me of The Nonary Games settings.


Thanks Flamez! this was hilarious to watch, and you nailed the rhythm parts :D

Woah, you, uh, definitely put me to shame with the rhythm sections.

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cant get off of the "The following is a early demo build" screen

nvm had to restart the game


Oh yes! I'll download


Amazing game dev excited for the full version :D 

Thanks gphob1a! Great video :)

Thank you :D


I've been waiting eagerly for this demo to release and I wasn't disappointed! The game was fun and playful and I'm looking forward to the full release even more now.